You Can’t Handle The Truth: Court Movies It Would Be Criminal To Skip

The past few years have seen the movie industry undergo a lot of changes. One of the best changes, in our opinion, was the slow phasing out of physical media for people who wanted to rent movies to watch at home. Gone are the days of having to browse shelves for the movie you wanted to see. No more worrying about late fees or taking care of the disk or tape you rented.

Thanks to streaming media, we now have on-demand availability for a lot of movies we would have missed out on otherwise, as well as an archive of movies that we never got around to watching or really wanted to watch again, but didn’t want to shell out for a blu-ray copy of. Here are some of our favorite law-related movies that we highly recommend:

Legally Blonde

While this movie may not be everybody’s cup of tea, we at Law Office Portal love this movie because it embodies what we want to show people about law: it doesn’t have to be scary. While we don’t think that just anybody can be a lawyer, one doesn’t have to be super smart to grasp the law itself and how it can benefit everyone

The Devil’s Advocate

While this movie can, unfortunately, reinforce the beliefs of a lot of people that lawyers are agents of evil, it also shows that there are lawyers out there who do have a moral code they adhere to. The portrayal of the Devil himself masquerading as the head of a massive law firm is a scary thought, but the thought that there are lawyers who are willing to sacrifice wealth for integrity gives us hope.


One part wonderful musical and one part commentary on the justice system, Chicago started life on Broadway before making it to the Big Screen. The movie does a great job of staying true to its roots with several musical numbers playing out the same way they would on a stage. It also does an amazing job of showing how showmanship rather than substance can affect the outcome, with one song number referring to the courtroom as a 3-ring circus.

What law movies are queued up on your Netflix? Be sure to let us know!