About Us

When most people are faced with the idea of anything that has to do with the law, lawyers, or legal matters, they tend to feel intimidated. This can be bad because knowing the law can protect us from a myriad of things, from unjust treatment to scammers who try to use this apprehension towards law-related things to take advantage of people.

That’s why we decided to set up a blog that can provide people with law related facts everybody should know, as well as looks into how lawyers, judges, and the law itself are portrayed in popular culture; A portal of sorts to help ease people into the idea that the law doesn’t have to be scary.

It is our hope that if people stop seeing the law as frightening or intimidating, people won’t be so adverse to learning and understanding the laws that protect them. This goes for people all around the world and not just the United States of America. The more people know about the laws that are supposed to protect them, the better it will be for everybody, no matter where they’re from.

For those of you who have little to no knowledge of law who stumbled upon our blog for whatever reason, welcome! We’re glad to have you here! For the law-savvy who came across our blog, we hope we can give you a fresh set of eyes on what may be a stale topic for you! Please step through the portal and we hope you like what you’ve found!